Wipe Outz™ 10 Count Tattoo Aftercare Wipes “Promo Item”


Wipe Outz™ Advanced 10-Count Tattoo Aftercare Wipes “Promo Item”

  • Great For On-The-Go Tattoo aftercare!
  • Soaked in our Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Cooling WASH Formula
  • Quilted Non-Abrasive Material
  • Gamma-Sterilized
  • Soothing, No Sting
  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Vegan
  • Convenient, No rinse, No Mess


Wipe Outz™ 10 Count Tattoo Aftercare Wash Wipes “Limited Promo Item”

Safely clean your fresh new tattoo anywhere, anytime!

Great for home and office tattoo aftercare!

Tear open a pack and enjoy 10 premium WIPE OUTZ™ towels presoaked in our antibacterial, antimicrobial, soothing WASH formula!


Soothing. No Sting. Non-Toxic. Alcohol and latex free.

Unique embossed material that is soft to the touch, yet sturdy and durable when wet.

Thoroughly tested and approved by the industry’s most respected artists!

Vegan! No Animal Testing!

Contents 10 white 8″ by 6″ wet tattoo aftercare wipes.

Sterilized For The Next Level In Tattoo Safety