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  • The Body Sketch Book! New from Memento Publishing!

    Body Sketch BookI’m really proud to announce that The Body Sketch Book by Memento Publishing is now available! We worked hard in collaboration with Canson to create a sketch book full of both male and female body parts perfect for all tattoo and fine artists. Click here to check it out and grab a copy! Tag @mementopublishing and #bodysketchbook so we can see your art and to get reposted!

    The Body Sketch Book

    Body Art Series: A Variety of Anatomical Body Parts to Sketch on from Head to Toe!

    Contains 150 sheets of high quality Canson paper

    Acid free, fine texture paper

    Versatile surface for all dry media

    Printed in non-photo blue so your art stands out when it’s printed!


    Body Sketch BookThe Body Sketch Book is intended for all artists, especially artists in the tattoo community. This book features a plethora of anatomical body parts to sketch out new ideas, practice gestures, compositions, studies, perspectives, finished works, line drawings, etc.  It is designed to give you templates of the body with all the contours to show flow and placement for artists, collectors and anyone that has a desire to draw on people. It contains 150 sheets of high quality 65 lb. Canson paper, acid free with fine texture, perfect for sketching! The body parts are printed in non-photo blue to allow artists to print out their drawings without the body parts on the page, allowing your art to stand out on its own. We are pleased to present to you a ground breaking book of its only kind, The Body Sketch Book.

    Evidence from prehistoric times over 30,000 years ago show that sketching is one of the oldest forms of human expression. The human mind seems to be “wired” to sketch. Studies show that sketching has many benefits, which include helping with memory, stress relief, and improving concentration. Aside from these benefits, artists from all different backgrounds use sketching as an exploratory tool to separate concepts from details. It is part of the process that many artist take part in, to help create a final masterpiece.  The sketch is the groundwork for many things you see, including paintings, commercial billboards, building architecture, car designs, manufactured toys, and of course tattoos. Whether you are a veteran artist seeking to improve your craft or looking for a “fresh” new way to express your creative side, The Body Sketch Book guarantees a one of a kind way to let your art shine!

    Body Sketch Book

  • New and Improved MD Tattoo Store!

    Welcome to the new and improved MD Tattoo store!


    What’s up everyone! I’ll be updating my website with news, new unique products,  for tattooists and collectors alike. Collectables from my private collection, as well as some blog posts with thoughts regarding various tattoo related topics. Be sure to keep checking my new MD Tattoo store website for updates! I’ll be covering a wide range of topics at times to help educate tattoo artists or aspiring tattoo artists. I will also discuss things to think about when getting tattooed, as well as my random thoughts on things. It’ll be unfiltered, short and sweet, and straight up! Thank you for all of the love and support throughout the years!

    Redemption Tattoo Lubricant and Aftercare- First and only USDA certified petroleum replacement developed specifically for tattoo artist and collectors. Use during the tattoo process and as aftercare. It is completely petroleum and chemical free and helps sooth redness and swelling. Helps prevent infection, won’t clog pores and it’s easy to spread. Used by thousands of leading tattoo artists! Check it out on our MD Tattoo Store- you won’t be disappointed! Click Here!

    MD Tattoo Store

    Magic Stencil Marker- Introducing a revolutionary new product for tattooing! Stencil eraser, detailer, blender, marker… ALL-IN-ONE! Non-toxic, disposable, single use, no cross-contamination! You can now erase tattoo stencil lines quickly! You can also blend and detail tattoo stencils. Use the Magic Stencil Marker with carbon paper. You simply rub the tip onto carbon and like magic this product turns into a purple marker for freehand stenciling! Comes in packs of 24! Click Here!

    MD Tattoo Store


    Tadu Tattoo Daily Moisturizing Lotion- Protect and help preserve your tattoos with our specially designed moisturizer that combines the protective elements of sunscreen (SPF 35+) with the benefits of a daily moisturizing lotion. Non-greasy formula provides daily skin protection while helping preserve your ink. Protect your investment with TADU: The ultimate in daily tattoo defense. Click Here!

    MD Tattoo Store

  • Tattoo Prodigies 2

    Tattoo_Stuff_0011We are excited to announce the long awaited book, Tattoo Prodigies 2: A Collection of the Best Tattoos by the World’s Best Tattoo Artists, is now available!

    This phenomenal book has been 2 years in the making and it’s finally here!  I can’t wait until everyone gets a look at this one!  This is a high quality, hard bound coffee table book that is 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall and about 2 inches thick.  This book is a monster, weighing in at 9 pounds!  All 600 pages are printed in full color and include 170 hand picked tattoo artists with over 2,000 photos, 68 artist interviews and it also has a tattoo collaboration section in the back of the book!  What amazes me the most besides the awesome tattoos, is all the similarities in the interviews, the work ethic and determination, the passion for the art and the respect, amongst many other things.  Tattoo Prodigies 2, has double the amount of artists, with over twice as many pages than the first Prodigies, and we kept it the same price!  In this day and age, talented artists abound in the tattoo world—Tattoo Prodigies 2 features the world’s best tattoo artists with carefully selected full-color galleries of impressive tattoo accomplishments.  It also features inspiring stories and interviews throughout, and a lot of the interview questions are not your typical questions you would get in most interviews, you’ll have to read it to find out.  Not only is this book eye candy for ink collectors and artists alike, the content is sure to motivate those seeking to advance and learn. Published by Memento Publishing.


    Tattoo Prodigies 2

  • Inked Up Tour 2014

    Inked Up TourI wanted to thank everyone that voted for an artist’s can design for The Inked Up World Tour Contest, which was put on by RockStar, Sullen and Inked Mag.  They had it last year as well with different artists.  This year’s Inked Up Tour had 12 different tattoo artists designed a Rockstar can early 2014 just for this contest and promotional purposes only.

    Each artist had a tattoo convention stop where they were the featured artist for this tour they were a part of.  It was a good time!  My stop was in Calgary Canada and it was the last stop of the tour.  The grand prize for this contest was $20k!

    When I decided to participate in the Inked Up Tour, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to try and accomplish.  My plan was to design a Rockstar can and if I were to win I would donate 100% of the $20,000.00 Grand Prize to charity!  My biggest struggle was figuring out which one to donate to? There are so many great causes that need financial assistance. After performing a lot of research into different charities, I got wind about this great foundation from Skip Schumaker and it truly touched my heart.  If I would of won, the plan was to donate the ENTIRE $20,000.00 to the Jessie Rees Foundation! Win or lose, I’d also be giving away a free tattoo to one lucky person I’ll randomly select from a list of voter e-mails when I get them. If the winner of the tattoo decides against the tattoo due to any reasons, I’ll personally donate more money towards the cause!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t win the Grand Prize, but on a positive note I got third place which was still in the green!  Third place was $1500 bucks, we wrote a tax free check to the foundation.  I wish I could have done more but it’s all over and again thank you to everyone that voted for me in the Inked Up Tour!

    I would like it if it didn’t stop here, if you are looking for an amazing place to donate to a great cause or to learn more about this great foundation please visit:

    This video is about 7 minutes long but its worth watching!
    Thanks Again!
    Inked Up Tour
  • New Books! The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition and Zombie Caricatures

    Coloring Book Project

    Memento Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of two new amazing books! “The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition” and “Zombie Caricatures: Exaggerations and Infections”! Both books are now available!


    The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition:


    The second installment of this wonderful book brings together inspiration and cleverness from an outstanding cast of 185 artists from around the world. They have contributed their own amazing drawing, giving you the freedom to bring them to life with your own artistic vision. With 400 pages of captivating designs to color and activities to execute, artists can delve into the pages full of inspiring artwork, and break away into an imaginative world. This softcover book is 400 pages and is 8.5 x 11. That’s right… “400 pages!” Published by Memento Publishing.

    Click here to order your very own copy!

    A portion of the contributing artists are Greg “Craola” Simkins, Jeff Ensminger, Josh Duffy, Roman Abrego, Justin Hartman, Timothy Boor, Mike DeVries, Mario Rosenau, Cory Norris, Brett Herman, Mike De Masi, Durb Morrison, Don McDonald, Jason Stephan, Sung Song, Steve Morris, Katelyn Crane, London Reese, Monte Agee, Alvin Chong, Frank La Natra, Gary Dunn, Liz Cook, Nick Mitchell, Teniele Sadd, Tim Mcevoy, Nathan Ota and many more!

    Coloring Book Project

    Zombie Caricatures: Exaggerations and Infections:

    The content of this book showcases the work of some of the best caricature artists in the world. Sean Gardner and Nick Mitchell have managed to take something that is super difficult and make it look effortless. It takes a different type of artist to be able to pull off a great caricature. Not only do you have to capture the likeness of each victim, but you also have to figure out what it is that makes them unique and stand out in their own way. Then, you have to figure out a way to bend those unique features as far as you can without losing the essence of what makes that individual who they are.


    Nick and Sean have not only managed to tweak the hell out of every person they draw and keep their likeness, but they do it while simultaneously throwing axes through their heads, lacerating their jugulars, and slinging blood all over the place. This book also includes some tutorials on how they do it! Hard Bound, 160 Full Color Pages 8.5 x 11 and published by Memento Publishing.

    Click here to order your very own copy!

    Coloring Book Project

  • Tattoo Extremities Is Now Available!

    Tattoo ExtremitiesTattoo Extremities: Artistic Focus on the Head, Hands, Neck and Feet 

    Now Available!
    Tattoo Extremities is a High Quality, Hardcover, Coffee Table Book Published by Memento Publishing with 240 full color pages that is 10 inches by 10 inches in size. Tattoo Extremities Features 170 Tattoo Artists with Over 800 photos!
    Placement of tattoo art is an important facet of each design and has the power to turn each piece into an extraordinary aesthetic experience. Throughout the years, the extremities of the body have been utilized to tell stories, depict ritualistic significance, and serve as the canvas for exhibiting grand artistic projects. Though not all tattoo collectors choose to decorate their hands, heads, and feet, many of those who do expose the world to some of the tattoo industry’s finest accomplishments – proudly displaying their artwork for all to see. This book features an extensive body of tattoo work from tattooists around the globe. These talented artisans provide us with distinct styles, genres, and creativity, all inked upon the far-reaching limbs of the body. Enjoy an intriguing artistic journey that honors those bold enough to wear the ink and the artists skilled enough to make their imaginative concepts come to life.
    Here is a portion of the artists that have tattoo work featured in Tattoo Extremities… Nick Baxter, Jeff Ensminger, Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Guy Aitchison, Jesse Smith, Stefano Alcantara, Mike DeVries, Roman Abrego, Sean Herman, Josh Woods, Myke Chambers, Jim Sylvia, Dan Hazelton, DJ Minor, John Anderton, Jasmin Austin, Jeremy Miller, Kyle Cotterman, Timmy B, Larry Brogon, Jeremiah Barba, Ben Corn, Carson Hill, Cory Norris, Tim Kern, London Reese, Russ Abbott, Christian Perez, Uncle Allan, Sweet Laraine, Jeff Zuck, Johnny Jackson, Tutti Serra, Ron Meyers, Cory Ferguson, Andy Engel, Josh Duffy, Shawn Barber, Franco Vescovi, Carlos Rojas, James Kern, Mick Squires, Kore Flatmo, Steve Byrne, Petri Syjala, Ty McEwen, Kirk Alley, Timothy Boor, Ryan Hadley, Jess Yen, Jo Harrison, Don Mcdonald, Aaron Bell, Daniel Chashoudian, Juan Salgado, Jason Stephan, Gunnar, Dan Smith, Bugs, Jamie Parker, Brett Olsen, Steve Morris, Fabz, Marc Durrant, Byron Drechsler, Phil Robertson, and many more!
    Tattoo Extremities
  • The Coloring Book Project Contest

    Coloring Book Project ContestTHE COLORING BOOK PROJECT CONTEST

    We are so excited about the positive feedback rolling in about The Coloring Book Project. Because of your overwhelming support for the newest addition to the Memento library, we have decided to do something fun to celebrate. It’s our token of thanks to our awesome readers and patrons, and we hope that you will get involved for a chance at some great prizes.
    It’s time to let your creativity soar and earn a chance at winning a tattoo-lovers dream. Crack out the crayons, markers, and artistic supplies to color up a masterpiece for The Coloring Book Project contest. The rules are simple, but the reward is huge!
    Have you ever hoped to collect a beautiful piece from tattoo maestro Mike DeVries? Well now is your chance. All you need to do is purchase a copy of The Coloring Book Project, find your favorite page inside to whip up a wondrous creation, and then go to town coloring and beautifying that designated design into something imaginative and magnificent.
    Enter your finished and colored page in the contest and you just might win the jackpot!
    1st Place/Grand Prize:
    Winner receives a free tattoo by Mike DeVries!
    The tattoo must be a piece that can be completed in one day; approximately six hours of tattoo time.
    The winner will receive a round-trip plane ticket to Los Angeles, California; and will also receive hotel accommodations for a two-night stay in southern California, near the MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, California.
    2nd Place/Runner Up:
    The second place winner will receive copies of ALL of the Memento Publishing books, including:
    – Animal Ink
    – Cranial Visions
    – Tattoo Prodigies
    – With the Light of Truth
    – and an additional copy of The Coloring Book Project
    ***If the winner is under the legal age to get tattooed (18 years old in the US)
     They will receive a framed 16″ x 20″ original oil painting by Mike DeVries (details to be discussed with Mike DeVries as to the focus of the painting)
     and a $500 gift card to their favorite local art store.
    Here are the rules; be sure that you follow them so you are not disqualified:
    – Get creative!
    – Utilize crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens, graphite, etc., to color a page from The Coloring Book Project book.
    – Each artist needs to upload a clear photograph or scan of the page they are submitting for the contest and email it to: [email protected]
    – When you email the photo or scan of the artwork please provide your name, age and contact info.
    – Do NOT rip the page out of the book, please leave colored artwork intact inside The Coloring Book Project book (if your piece is chosen as a winner, you will be required to mail the actual book with the colored page to Mike DeVries so that it can be verified that it was not a photocopy – the book will be mailed back to you as soon as it is verified).
    – No photocopies allowed: submissions must be inside an original Coloring Book Project book.
    -Getting your artist buddy to try and win you a tattoo will not count. Prize is not transferable!
    – It only takes one to win, but each artist is allowed to enter up to 10 colored pages to the contest.
    – Bonus Points: Mike is giving an extra 5 points to anyone who colors his page of artwork, which can be found on page 164 of The Coloring Book Project.
    – Submissions will be posted on The The Coloring Book Project Facebook page, and/or the Memento Publishing Facebook page so don’t wait until the last minute to submit…send them as soon as you color them for exposure and accolades from your friends and fellow artisans.
    – Submission deadline is January 1, 2013.


    – Artwork will be judged and scored using a simple 1-100 point grading system (*high school flashbacks, anyone?).

    – Judging will be done by Mike DeVries (with occasional input from a few of his artist friends if tie-breaker opinions are necessary). Mike will make the final call and announce the official winner.

    –  Winner will be announced on January 12, 2013.

  • Animal Ink: Exploring the World’s Wildlife Through Tattoo Art

    Animal InkI’m very excited to announce that Animal Ink: Exploring the World’s Wildlife Through Tattoo Art is now Available!  This high-quality 11″ x 8.5″ hardcover book is brought to you by Memento Publishing and features the work of an all-star list of Tattoo Artists.

    Animal Ink: Exploring the World’s Wildlife Through Tattoo Art, is a feast for the eyes and is brimming with inspiration. Featuring 304 full-color pages, this artistic beauty not only contains tattoo work from 160 talented tattoo artists, but in addition, includes 62 stories about specific animal tattoos with details, meanings, and inspiration from the collectors who wear the ink and the artists who inked them.

    Animal designs have appeared throughout history in all facets of the art world, so it’s no surprise that utilizing animals’ beauty, strength, and grace has been a large focus within the genre of tattoo art. For those seeking animal tattoos, there is an endless array of styles, creativity, and artists to choose from and Animal Ink encompasses and celebrates these many different displays within its pages by featuring over 1,500 tattoos from creatures of the wild kingdom. Click here to order your copy today!

    Animal Ink

  • With The Light of Truth

    With The Light of TruthWith The Light Of Truth: Straight Edge

    When Dan Smith approached Memento to publish his pride and joy, we were thrilled. While I’m not Straight Edge by any means (though one of my Memento staff members is), his book With The Light Of Truth (aka WTLOT) is fascinating to me; and it actually made my wife and I consider being Straight Edge for a minute.

    While working on this project, there were many times that I wished I was Straight Edge, just so I could have been in this outstanding publication. The book itself is not trying to convert anyone, but all-in-all it has some amazing eye candy which comes in the form of top-notch tattoos, artwork, and messages. It is an impressive book and I really think that readers will enjoy delving into the pages.

    The interview questions and profiles in this book are very uplifting and present a positive outlook on life, which can further be seen through each of the featured artisan’s accomplishments. Each artist has their own profile, with interviews, a photo of themselves, and a page of artwork which was created specifically for this book. There is also a gallery of each participant’s tattoos to follow their profile.

    With The Light of Truth is published by Memento Publishing and was compiled by Dan Smith. 13 inches by 9 inches. 256 full-color pages. Hardcover, with a gorgeous front cover that features gold foil embossed on black saifu cloth; gold gilded edges; and a black ribbon bookmark. Each book comes shrink-wrapped. To top it all off, it’s only 50 bucks!

    With The Light of Truth

  • Cranial Visions Soft Cover Edition

    Cranial VisionsExcited to announce that Cranial Visions: Exploring The Skull Through Artistic Interpretation is now also available in a Softcover Edition!
    Cranial Visions is a high quality, coffee table book published by Memento Publishing that is 8 inches wide by 12 inches tall, all 240 pages are printed in full color, featuring 258 artists with over 800 photos!!! Buy Now

    The fascinating and grim history of the skull has been a forceful subject matter throughout the ages. Maintaining prominence in the scientific and medical fields, it is also commonly interpreted through artistic endeavors, tracing back as far as creative collections have been recorded. This book features an immense volume of work which highlights the skull in all sorts of mediums, bringing together artists and works from all walks of life. Readers are invited to explore the fascinating and macabre world of the cranium-cetered theme. A spellbinding journey told through chromatically brilliant photos and words; this book is sure to awaken the mind and senses…

    Chapters Include: Tattoos, Paintings, Sketches & Drawings, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Graffiti, Photography, and Skullptures…

    Cranial Visions