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  • Coloring Book Project Bundle Pack Only $30!

    Coloring Book Project

    Click here to get your copy of “The Coloring Book Project 1 & 2” for only $30!


    Artists of all ages are invited to add their own color and creativity to the pages found within The Coloring Book Project: A Collection by 100 Artists from Around the World included in The Coloring Book Project Bundle Pack. This wonderfully imaginative book brings together inspiration and ingenuity from an all-star cast of artists, each contributing their own enchanting sketches, and then handing them off to you to complete with your own touch of artistic magic. With 215 pages of designs to color and activities to execute, colorists can dive into the pages full of tattoo-related artwork and escape to a creative world through their pencils, markers, and crayons. The Coloring Book Project compositions are not intended as tattoo flash, but rather, pay homage to the ink industry and are perfect tools to bring out the artist in you!

    If you’re wondering exactly what age group this coloring book is intended for, we would say “It’s PG.” If your sensitive about your child coloring in artistic skull drawings, or scary faces, this might not be the right coloring book for your child. It’s packed with tattoo related artwork, lots of beautiful roses, birds, anchors, snakes, geisha girls, robots, bio-mechanical designs, etc. Take a look at some of the sample pictures. Thanks and Enjoy!

  • Zombie Caricatures Book

    Zombie Caricatures Book


    The content of the Zombie Caricatures Book showcases the work of some of the best caricature artists in the world. Sean Gardner and Nick Mitchell have managed to take something that is super difficult and make it look effortless. It takes a different type of artist to be able to pull off a great caricature. Not only do you have to capture the likeness of each victim but you also have to figure out what it is that makes them unique and stand out in their own way. Then you have to figure out a way to bend those unique features as far as you can without losing the essence of what makes them who they are.

    Nick and Sean have not only managed to tweak the hell out of every person they draw and keep their likeness, but they do it while simultaneously throwing axes through their heads, lacerating their jugulars, and slinging blood all over the place.

    Also includes some tutorials of how they do it!

    Hard Bound
    160 Full Color Pages
    8.5 x 11


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  • Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

    Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

    MD Tattoo Studio proudly carries and highly recommends “Redemption Tattoo Aftercare” the best tattoo lubricant and aftercare on the market! Redemption is 100% organic, Industry owned and proudly made in the USA!

    Tattoo artists all over the world recommend this tattoo aftercare rather than petroleum. Petroleum smothers the skin making it impossible to breath which leads to a poorly healed tattoo. Redemption doesn’t smother your skin and allows it to breath which is why it will bring the most positive healing results to all your tattoos. You can purchase Redemption online at or at Md Tattoo Studio in Northridge Ca.

    – Petroleum and Chemical Free
    – Soothes Redness and Swelling
    – Helps prevent Infection
    – Won’t clog pores
    – Easy to spread
    – Will not remove stencils

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  • Collectible Original Art for Sale

    Collectible Original Art

    We have added more Collectible Original Art to “Mike’s Private Collection” so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to purchase original art at a low cost from some of your favorite artists! We’ve added new work by Nick Baxter, Michael Godard, Joe Capobianco and more!

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  • New MD Tattoo Studio white t-shirt

    New MD Tattoo Studio white t-shirt

    Now Available! New New MD Tattoo Studio white t-shirt in white with logo on front. Comes in size small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.

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  • Eternal Ink M Series By Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau

    Eternal Ink M Series

    The Eternal Ink M Series, designed by Mike Devries and Mario Roseau features 12 1 oz. Eternal Ink colors. The M Series is formulated for portrait work, realism, and monochromatic tattoos. The series features an assortment of portrait tones that were designed to compliment each other. Mixing them on the fly will get you amazing results for your skin tones as well for other elements in your work.

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  • Quick Caps

    quick caps

    When it comes to saving time, money and space, nothing beats Quick Caps ink caps. Durable, light, and easy to store, they’re perfect for any tattoo shop. Quick setup times and a non-tipping design make Quick Caps essential for traveling, whether you’re making guest appearances or showcasing at conventions. Only $30.00!

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  • Tattoo Shop Signs – Compliance Signs!

    Five Tattoo Compliance Signs Now Available!

    Tattoo Shop Signs
    Keep your workplace safe, clean and organized with Tattoo Shop Signs! World famous tattooer Mike DeVries noticed that some rules aren’t followed or stated clearly within tattoo shops, and found a solution! Clearly and carefully mark the important rules in your Tattoo Studio establishment with our selection of compliance signs! These signs feature designs specifically for contamination risks in English and in Spanish and legal age for tattooing in some states and areas. 10″ X 7″ and only $14.99!

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  • New Book Bundle! “Sketched Out” and “The Body Sketch Book!”

    Book Bundle
    The Sketch Project Book Bundle from Memento Publishing includes “Sketched Out” to inspire you, and “The Body Sketch Book” where you can make your own drawings come to life!

    Click here to Purchase The Sketch Book Bundle save $10.00!

    This Bundle includes one of the following:

    Sketched Out: An Assortment of Sketches by 100 of Your Favorite Artists!

    Get a glimpse into an artist’s creative process with this collection of sketches by 100 of your favorite artists! In sketching, the artist finds the freedom to create without limits or judgement, to play with ideas, to make mistakes and to experiment. This book delves into the minds of several of the best contemporary artists as well as some of the best tattoo artists in the world and examines their creative processes. How do they realize what it is they wish to create? How to they decide what works and what does not? The sketches in this book showcase the method behind a work of art, and provide an insider view into the imagination of various top notch artists in the tattoo community.


    The Body Sketch Book

    Body Art Series: A Variety of Anatomical Body Parts to Sketch on from Head to Toe!

    The Body Sketch Book is intended for all artists, especially artists in the tattoo community. This book features a plethora of anatomical body parts to sketch out new ideas, practice gestures, compositions, studies, perspectives, finished works, line drawings, etc.  It is designed to give you templates of the body with all the contours to show flow and placement for artists, collectors and anyone that has a desire to draw on people. It contains 150 sheets of high quality 65 lb. Canson paper, acid free with fine texture, perfect for sketching! The body parts are printed in non-photo blue to allow artists to print out their drawings without the body parts on the page, allowing your art to stand out on its own. We are pleased to present to you a ground breaking book of its only kind, The Body Sketch Book.

  • Own a Mike DeVries signed Collectible Rockstar Can!

    Collectible Rockstar CanNow you have the chance to own Mike’s Collectible Rockstar Can from the 2014 Inked Up World Tour Cans! This can has never been opened and is in great shape, there are only two more of these cans left and then they are gone!

    The Inked Up World Tour Contest was put on by RockStar, Sullen and Inked Mag in 2014.  Twelve different tattoo artists designed a Rockstar can early 2014 just for this contest and promotional purposes only, so these cans are extremely sought after to can collectors and tattoo collectors alike! Click here to purchase now!


    Free domestic shipping! Please note that for this item to be shipped internationally the can will have to have a poked hole in the bottom and poured out.