Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

MD Tattoo Studio proudly carries and highly recommends “Redemption” the best tattoo lubricant and aftercare on the market! Redemption is 100% organic, Industry owned and proudly made in the USA!

Tattoo artists all over the world recommend this tattoo aftercare rather than petroleum. Petroleum smothers the skin making it impossible to breath which leads to a poorly healed tattoo. Redemption doesn’t smother your skin and allows it to breath which is why it will bring the most positive healing results to all your tattoos. You can purchase Redemption online at or at Md Tattoo Studio in Northridge Ca.

– Petroleum and Chemical Free
– Soothes Redness and Swelling
– Helps prevent Infection
– Won’t clog pores
– Easy to spread
– Will not remove stencils

Click here to grab yourself some “Redemption!”